8th Grade English: Mrs. P. Hanophy

Dear young people,

do not bury your talents,

the gifts that God has given you!

Do not be afraid to dream of great things!

-Pope Francis 

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TAB fliers for June are available in class.

Deadline: May 30

Families, thank you for supporting your child in reading!

Eighth graders work toward the goal of preparation for high school. Assignments and assessments incorporate aspects of the complexity typical of secondary-level work.

Students utilize "The Writing Process" and elements of "6+1 Writing Traits" to further develop and refine their writing skills.

Students self-select and read a variety of fiction and non-fiction as they journey toward becoming life-long readers.

In September and October, students review for the Catholic High School Entrance Exam (CHSEE).

English language arts curriculum is aligned to NYS Next Generation Standards and Diocese of Rockville Centre standards.