Announcements/ Curriculum

‚Äč                                       Welcome to First Grade!  
First Grade is one of the most incredible years your child will have in his/her school career. This is a year of new adventures and important transitions as the acquisition of new skills
is accelerated. You will be so excited to see all the growth and progress


                                                      First Grade News!
                             Our First Graders are learning so much each day! 
ELA- We completed Welcome Back Superkids and are working in "Adventures of Superkids". We are learning ch, sh,tch,th,wh. We are learning how to write asking sentences that begin with a question word.

-  October was the month of the Holy Rosary and we learned how to use our rosary beads. We said a decade every day. We celebrated the Feast of St. Francis. November 1st was All Saints Day. We research a favorite saint and had fun making our saint puppets. We learned about the seasons in the church.
 We are working on Subtraction in our Math Series. 

Social Studies and Science
Communities Good and Services Citizenship Rules and Laws Living Things Weather and Seasons          


                                         Class 1-1 Special Schedule
                                      Monday- Physical Education
      Tuesday- Music and Spanish
                                       Wednesday- Library and Technology
                                       Friday- Art



 Some Spelling Rules: 
* CVCC plus ending: When a word has only one vowel and ends in more than one consonant, just add the ending.
*CVC plus ending: When a word has only one vowel and ends in only one consonant, double the consonant and then  add the ending.
*CVC,CVCC: When a word has only one vowel and ends in one or more consonants, the vowel is usually short.
*CV: when a word has only one vowel and it is at the end, the vowel is usually long.

* Don't forget to review addition  and subtraction math facts each night*

Please remember to read 15-20 minutes every night!!