Homework                 Week of  11/5

 Pattern Words   1.bath  2. math    3.path     4.moth     5.cloth   6. thin    7. think
     8.thick   9.then    10.them

Memory Words     1. where   2. what    3.why    4.when   5. which   6.who  

 Monday 11/5 ELA
Write memory words #1-6 three times each in notebook. Word List                                        is  glued in homework notebook.
                                Please read  for 15 minutes and complete reading log.
                         Math- Complete pages 97-98
Tuesday 11/6   ELA- Write pattern words #1-5 three times each.
   Math- Complete pages 103-104.
Wednesday 11/7  ELA- Write pattern words #6-10 three times each.
  Math- Complete pages 109-110

 Thursday   11/8 
Please check the list sent home in October regarding Thanksgiving Basket items.
Please send in item listed next to your child's name. 

Reminder- All students need to be school by 8:00 the latest!  They should be unpacked and ready to start the day. Prayers are said as a school at 8:05.  Coming in at or after the 8:00 bell is a distraction and the student is marked late. Thank you for your help.