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 Mrs. Arguiarro's Superheroes are soaring through First Grade!!!!



I look forward working together this year.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
                                                                      -Helen Keller

                    Our Specials:  
Monday- 8:30-9:10 Gym
              Tuesday- 9:10-9:50 Music
              Wednesday- Library
              Thursday- Technology 8:20-9:00, 9:00-9:40
              Friday-  9:15-9:55 Art

**Students should wear their gym uniforms on Mondays **

Please have children dressed in full uniform for first Friday Masses.

 Children should arrive to school no later than 8 a.m. Morning prayer starts at 8:10.

*Please send your child to school with a " One healthy snack and a healthy Lunch" everyday.
                        PLEASE NO CANDY.

*Please be sure to check your child's folder regularly as there are constantly important notices going home with the children.
*Please clearly label all of your child's school supplies and clothing that comes to school.
*Please send in a note if there will be a change in your child's dismissal.

*If your child is sick and unable to attend school, please call the school before 9 a.m. Your child may return to school if they haven't vomited or are fever free for 24 hours.
*If your child is absent please be sure to send a sick note with your child the following day. 


                                    Spelling Button.png  

Spelling words are available if you click on word list tab on left.
There will be a spelling test at the end of every unit (Approximately every 10-12 days)
. The spelling tests will consist of a combination of 10 words (memory/ pattern words) I will choose 2 words and the children will use them in a sentence. The children will practice their words every night by completing either an activity in their Interactive Word Work notebook or worksheet. 

Minus.png   Add.png

Math:  We will starting Chapter 8 this week.  In this chapter, students will learn how to 

​                                  Notepad.png

ELA: We will be starting Unit 10 of Adventures of the Superkids. In this unit we will 
The children have been working hard during writing time everyday. They have been writing about topics they are experts on. The children need to be able to state three facts about the topic. 


                       Chemistry Flask.png    Globe.png

Science: We will be continuing to learn about the states of matter. The children will be learning how to think and observe like a scientist. The class will be completing experiments to see the differences between solids, liquids and gases. We will be making predictions and record results in our science notebooks.

Some Science topics we will cover are Plants, Animals, States of Matter, and the Solar System.        Social Studies: Communities, Map Skills, and Current Events                              

                             Illustration Of The Sun With Clouds.png
Religion: This week we will be learning more about Lent.  We will reflect on ways that we can improve our relationship with God.  We will work on ways to get closer to Jesus through this Lenten Season.


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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me anytime at I check my emails periodically during the day and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs. Arguiarro


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