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Welcome to 3rd Grade! 

  The children are learning organizational skills to help them this year.  Each child will be responsible for writing their own homework assignments down each day. Please check their homework notebook daily.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to  e-mail me anytime at

Throughout the course of the year our young students will be faced with many academic challenges and adventures. Our mathematics curriculum will build on the concepts of addition and subtraction while introducing the new topics of multiplication, division, geometry, and fractions. Some features of the language arts program are grammar, spelling, phonics, and writing workshops. Students will be exposed to a variety of literary genre and are encouraged to read and write for their enjoyment. Social studies and science are explored through research and hands on projects. Through our religion program students are guided to a deeper understanding of their faith.


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Math-During the next few weeks the students will be learning about units of measurement. We will start by talking about time, and move onto lessons of measurement in inches, feet, volume, and mass. Time we will be reviewing how the hour hand is the smaller and the minute hand is the larger. We will discuss elapsed time (the time between when an event starts and ends). We will also discuss how we can subtract the minutes of a specific time from 60 minutes to see how many minutes we have until the next hour. 


SOCIAL STUDIES-We will begin our next chapter on Exploration to the New World. We will be discussing different Native American tribes, houses, and ways of life. We will progress into lessons involving the names of specific explorers who came to the New World, which countries these explorers were sponsored by, why these explorers wanted to travel here, and how these explorers interacted with the Native Americans once they arrived. Children will be able to see the effects that these explorers had on the New World by spreading disease, introducing weaponry, and forcing the Native Americans off of their land. We will be looking at different types of maps and discussing how to read each map to tell the different routes that each explorer took and which of these explorers took the fastest routes. This will be a hands-on unit with the creation of Native American longhouses, explorer flip books, and our very own Native American artifacts. 



The children will be learning about words with a vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel pattern (VCCV). Words that follow this pattern will make up the spelling words for this week.

We will be talking about abbreviations for days, months, and places. The abbreviation for Monday would be Mon. The abbreviation for February would be Feb. The abbreviation for street is st. 

Comprehension Skills and Strategies

Our story this week will be "The Foot Race Across America." As we read and reread this story as a whole class, with a partner, and independently, we will be talking about the main idea of the story and the details that help support the main idea. 

The students will be practicing their learned writing techniques of topic sentences, closing sentences, and supporting details with a fictional narrative.

Spelling Words
person, helmet, until, carpet, Monday, enjoy, forget, problem, Sunday, garden, order, mistake, umpire, and herself

Vocabulary Words
principal, proud, announced, advice, loyal, ability, absorb, loveliest, compete, approached

RELIGION- This month in Religion we will be focusing on the different types of prayers that we say to Jesus Christ and to God. We pray to them to thank them for the things that they have given to us, we pray to them to praise them for the world that they have created for us, we pray to them to bless the things that they have given us, and we pray to them to ask them for help for ourselves and our loved ones. 

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SCIENCE-‚Äč We will advance our study on living things throughout the months of May and June. We will discuss how organisms can survive only in environments in which their needs can be met, how all animals depend on plants, that all organisms have patterns of behavior that are related to their environment, and that all organisms cause changes in the environment where they live. We will observe certain food chains and discuss how animals adapt to their surroundings. 

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HEALTH- We will be visiting Safety Town and continuing the conversation about road safety inside of the classroom. We will also extend on our CAPS - Anti Bullying presentation that we had earlier in the trimester. 

Our classroom saint is Saint Ignatius Loyola

Here is what we know about our saint so far...

The patron of the Jesuit Order and Retreats
Born on December 24th, 1491 in Azpeitia at the castle of Loyola in the Kingdom of Navarre, Spain 
Feast Day is July 31st 
Date of Death is July 31, 1556
He died of natural causes

The monogram of the Jesuit order, I. H. S. (an acronym of the Latin: Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus, Saviour of man) is how he is represented in Catholic paintings.



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