Important Announcements

Important Announcements:

Scientific Method Test, Thursday October 25th.
Please study your packet, and any other worksheets we have completed!

**Homework will be posted daily on the Calendar tab located on the Science page. It will also be posted daily on our Homework Board for you to add to your agenda.  It is your responsibility to check either place for upcoming assignments and tests/quizzes and their due dates.
**If absent or out of class for any reason, make sure you complete any reading or assignment missed as you are still responsible for the work.  Check with classmates, Miss Stolfi, and the Calendar page to find out what you missed. A "While You Were Out" page will be completed for you by another student to further assist you in completing work and assignments missed.

Test folders will come home every Friday. Please check for them, and sign the folder and any tests or rubrics.