Mrs. Biscardi

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Welcome to PreK

At St. Aidan's the PreK age child learns by doing.
The children are in a positive, nurturing, child-centered environment where they learn through play. The curriculum includes listening activities, fine and gross motor skills development, music enrichment, daily prayer, readiness skills and social and emotional growth lessons.Through the year we will be focusing on skills such as shape and number recognition, colors, developing social skills, and learning the letters of the alphabet, all in a child-centered environment.

June 10th begins the last week of class.
There is no hot lunch this week.
We will be reviewing the entire alphabet and numbers 1-20.
Monday June 17th is graduation at 9:45am in Kirwin Hall.
Children are to arrive by 9:30am.
Please try to limit guests to 4.

We will be using the iPads, and talking abo
ut the
life cycle of a frog.



PreK-1 Weekly Schedule

Monday - Library & Computer
Wednesday - Art, Music
Friday - Gym & Show-n-Tell

If your child is absent, please call the school to let them know. The number is 516-746-6585 x9555  Also when your child returns to school after an absence, please send in an absent note Thank you!

Pre–K Program Information


Class Schedule:

         Three days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  8am-2:20pm

Please refer to the St. Aidan School calendar and class website for early dismissal days and special events. The Pre-K program follows the St. Aidan School calendar that is distributed to each family.  The teacher will email weekly with up to date important information pertaining to the Pre-K classes. The Pre-K classes have specials during the week, we are Pre-K 1;

                  Monday           Library  (return book to get a new book)

                  Monday           Computer

                  Wednesday      Art, Music

                  Friday               Gym  (children must wear sneakers and no dresses)


         The students will line up in the St. Francis garden doors and will be sent in at the designated time.  Parents are to supervise them until this occurs.


         Must use the main entrance in the front of the lower school. Parents are not to accompany their child to the classroom.


         Will also be at the St. Francis garden doors. Please be prompt at dismissal.

Mineola Bus Children:

         Please call the school district if your child will be driven to school or will not be going on the bus to school.  Bus students arrive at the Pembrook St. entrance.


         Any notes from the teacher, nurse, principal or PACE parents’ group will be sent to you via the child’s folder.  The work your child has completed will be sent home in it, as well as any assignments.  Please check it and empty it daily. Place any note from you to the teacher in the folder and it will be removed at arrival. In an emergency, send an email or call the main office.

Clothing Suggestions:

         All clothes should be labeled with your child’s name on it.  Try to avoid overalls, belts, and tights.  Elastic waist is the best. Sturdy, sensible shoes, with rubber soles should be worn. No heels or backless shoes. They are not safe for the playground.


         We will go out to the playground whenever possible.  Please dress your child appropriately. Do not assume we are not going out because of the weather.  If it is possible to get outside for even 5 mins, we will.  Hats and gloves should be sent in the backpack when the weather starts to change.

Bathroom Procedures:

         Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before they come to school.  Children are encouraged to use the bathroom, but must be able care for themselves and manage their clothing.  In the event your child has an accident, we suggest keeping an extra set of clothing in their backpack.


         Please put a small, healthy snack in a paper bag with your child’s name clearly marked. Snack should not be in your child’s lunch box. For snack your child will need a small snack, a drink and napkin. Snack time lasts about 15 minutes. This should not be mealtime.


         Lunchboxes must be labeled with your child’s name on the top. Milk will be available for purchase. Please put milk money in your child’s folder or lunchbox. It should not be in their pocket.

Birthday Celebrations:

Please do not send anything in, we will be celebrating with fun activities in class.  


         We are grateful for donations throughout the year of napkins, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, paper towels and facial tissues.  We wash hands with baby wipes before snack and lunch. Tables are cleaned before and after snack and lunch as well as in the morning before the students arrive to prevent the spread of germs.


         If your child is sick, please keep them home to prevent spreading of the illness to other children and teachers in the classroom. If your child has a contagious illness (strep throat, pink eye, stomach virus, etc.) please inform the school nurse as soon as possible. The number to call if your child is absent is 516-746-6585 ext. 9555 or you may call the school secretary at 516-746-6585 ext. 9202. All students are required to bring in an absent note when they return to school. An absent note template is enclosed for you to copy and use.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

         It is of utmost importance to have an accurate and current emergency phone number in our records. Please notify us if any change should occur. No child will be allowed to go home with another parent unless the teacher is notified in writing or by a phone call to the office (516-746-6585 ext. 9202) if an emergency arises. If a parent or babysitter is late, the teacher will take the child to the office to wait. If there is a cell number change, please update our records as soon as possible.

         If you have any specific concerns about your child or about the program, please be sure to speak directly to the teacher about it by scheduling an appointment, through a handwritten note, e-mail or telephone message. We are only too happy to accommodate your needs as best as possible. My e-mail address is . I will get back to you as soon as possible.