Mrs. M. LaScala


Mrs. LaScala's Pre-K

In Pre-K, the students will learn to write and recognize their name, the alphabet, number, shapes, cut, and listen / follow directions through various hands-on activities. Circle time may include discussion, book of the day (possibly related to season, holiday or letter of the week) songs, finger plays, patterns, days of the week or other learning experiences. Socialization and self-awareness are developed through sharing and play. In addition, Christian values are incorporated into the curriculum through daily prayer, celebration an

We hope to see you here tomorrow for our Sing a long at 8:15ish. I will meet you in Saint Francis garden after I get the children settled. It should last about 15 minutes. 
On Thursday it is wear something Christmas colors. 
Friday is our Christmas party. The children need to bring their snack and lunch. It is a full day. We have lots of fun things planned for the morning. We are scheduled for Gym as of right now. Please make sure they are wearing sneakers. 
There is Hot lunch on the first day back from vacation. Slips must be in by Friday!
I think that is all for now. See you tomorrow. 

Show and Tell Schedule – Children can bring in 1 item that will fit into their backpack on their day to share with the class.

Table 1- Monday

Table 2- Tuesday

Table 3- Wednesday

Table 4 – Thursday

Table 5 – Friday