St. Aidan School is committed to preparing our students through a progressive, sequential and comprehensive school health curriculum. Our comprehensive school health curriculum offers age-appropriate curricula, helping students develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors to adopt a health-enhancing lifestyle.

The health curriculum is designed to familiarize students with issued they will encounter in the middle school years.  It is designed to provide knowledge and experience, which will enable them to make choices that will have a positive impact on their health.  Units covered are Fitness and Nutrition, wellness, tobacco, alcohol, circulatory system, anti-bullying and character 

Responsibility – Be dependable and accountable  for your words  and actions.  Do your best at all times

* You are responsible for your own actions.
* Do your best and never blame others for your mistakes.
* Complete all of your work, including homework.

“ Actions speak louder than words.”

Were you absent for health class?  if you were, stop in room 332 (science lab) on Mondays from 735-7:50 to make up the assignment.